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Reading & Writing Class

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Class introduction: 

Our teacher Gyuseok Choi, the CEO of EduAr, Inc., a research-based consulting and educational product management company for special education. Mr.Choi has been working with children with special needs for many years. Over that time, he has become disillusioned with the quality of special education teaching in this country. He knows there are so many smart, dedicated educators on the front lines of special education who are being undeserved every day by the lackluster special education materials in circulation. To that end he founded EduAr in the hopes of creating a new, better special education curriculum.


Using research-backed linguistic formulate, Mr. Choi has been able to develop a program that helps special education students succeed. This program has been workshoped with students in real-world settings and has been proven – through test scores and teacher testimonial – to help students excel. By breaking down the complexities of English to a granular level, Mr.Choi is able to help our students teach themselves grade-level topics in everything from simple verb forms to complex, multi-clause sentences. We have also taken the same format of breaking down complex information to a granular level and applied it to mathematics with a similarly positive result.

IEP, intake form and behavior survey are requested for enroll Mr.Choi's math or reading program.

Please email files to:; call 646-229-1688 for more details.

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