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Our Mission

Good Job Angels (GJA) is a nonprofit organization that supports families with Christ's love and hope.  GJA provides integrative learning and social interaction opportunities for children and adolescents with all abilities, preparing them for work readiness and independent living. GJA provides open-to-all courses, all students can benefit from enrolling in courses to know each other.

Good Job Angels 是一個非營利組織機構,以基督的愛與盼望支持家庭。Good Job Angels 提供兒童、青少年和成人融合學習的環境與社交互動的機會,裝備工作技能和獨立生活能力。Good Job Angels 開設課程給所有人,學生們藉由課程瞭解彼此。

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GJA Learning Center provides
* Virtual Farming Lessons & On-site Lessons in Marlboro, NY
* 1 on 1 home instruction
* Job Training Programs in Flushing, NY 

我們提供農藝線上課程與實體課程, 一對一老師到府教學, 紐約法拉盛實體工作訓練與課程.

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