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Covid-19 Relief Fund for Frontline Healthcare Workers

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New York State has been hitting hard by COVID-19 and our frontline healthcare workers urgently need personal protection supplies (PPEs) to help all of us.  


Good Job Angels, a non-profit organization supporting families with special needs, would like to contribute and prvide PPEs to NYC and Long Island hospitals. All donation will be utilized to purchase PPEs (e.g. N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, protective glasses and hazmat suit).


First shipment of 1500 surgical masks, 200 N-95 masks and 30 protective glasses was delivered to New York Presbyterian Hospital Queens on 3/27/2020 ; 15 protective glasses and 15 hazmat suits was delivered to Flushing Hospital, 30 protective glasses was delivered to Mount Sinai Hospital on 3/26/2020. 


Second shipment of 90 N-95 masks and 50 protective glasses was deliverd to Staten Island University Hospital on 3/31/2020;  50 hazmat suits and 50 protective glasses was selivered to Long Island Jewish Valley Stream on 4/3/2020; We delivered to 100  N-95 masks to medical teams of Brooklyn Hospital Center,  Montefoire Medical Center Bronx & Bassett Medical Center ICU on 3/31/2020. 


Third Shipment of 200 hazmat suits, 360 protective glasses and 200 N95 masks was delivered to Mercy Hospital Medical Center, St Joseph Hospital, Mount Sinai West Hospital and Presbyterian Weill Cornell Hospital on 4/7/2020; 100 of hazmat suits was delivered to Maimonides Medical Center(Brooklyn), 100 of protective glasses,  100 N-95 masks and 50 medical face shields was delivered to Mount Sinai Hospital ICU on 4/8/2020;  175 of N-95 masks, 20 Face Shields, 68 protective glasses and 70 hazmat suits was  delivered to Columbia University Medical Center on 4/9/2020 ; 400 surgical masks, 40 Face Shields, 40 protective glasses and 13 hazmat suits was delivered to Cypress Garden Center for Nursing home on 4/16/2020 ; 200 surgical masks, 20 Face Shields, 20 N95 and 10 hazmat suits was delivered to Queens Hospital  Center on 4/20/2020; 300 surgical masks, 20 N95, 10 hazmat suits, 5 face shields and 5 goggles was delivered to NYU Langone Cardiology Associates on 4/26/2020; 1000 surgical masks and 100 Face shields was delivered to Staten Island University Hospital on 4/29/2020. We delivered 500 surgical masks, 130 N95 and 50 goggles to Pilgrim Psychiatric Center on 5/11/2020.

Until now we totally deliver 5750 surgical masks, 1545 of N-95 masks, 507 hazmat suits, 883 goggles and 284 face shields. Recently We are going to deliver more PPEs to more hospitals , nursing home, organization in other states. YOUR help and support will be appreciated!  Financial Report is attached on Sub-page.

Let’s help our community and love our neighbors! God Bless us.

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