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​Taiwan Mission Report 

Fundraising Amount until 4/8/2019 is US$2,084

Taiwan mission trip is between 4/19/2019 to 4/23/2019

Taiwan mission fund US$2,084 - Donated to Matsu CCF US $525; Donated to Hualien Bathesda US$1315

Good Job Angels is supporting two faith based organizations in Taiwan. One is a school for challenged children and adults with special needs ( Hualien Bethesda ), another organization is for children in poverty ( Matsu CCF ).

We visited Matsu CCF on 4/19/2019 and after visiting we got stocked in Matsu airport three days due to its bad weather condition. It's still a worthy trip because we know what Matsu needs so we can pray for them especially for their children have good learning environment. 

We failed the trip to Hualien because of stocked in Matsu airport so long but we had a good conversation with the principle Sister Monika and brought them donation from Good Job Angels supporters.  

We will continually support them through praying and financial support. If you are willing to join us, click the following "donate" button or write a check payable to "Good Job Angels", note "Taiwan Mission" mail to: PO Box 4530, Great Neck, NY 11023. Your donation will go directly to those children in needs. Donation is tax deductible.

Video Link:

Hualien Bethesda

Matsu CCF

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