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About our Artists



Kevin Lin

Kevin 出生於2004年,3.5歳診斷出自閉症,會説話但不儃長溝通表達,1歲半就會拿筆圖鴉,喜歡數字、顏色和星球,也喜歡上網找漂亮的建築物、風景圖片等等,對拍照也特別感興趣,所以他的畫作大都是結合他眼睛所看到的加上自己的想像力,此次的蘋果樹和日月塔結合他對色彩的敏感度及想像力而創作出來。


Kevin Lin was born in 2004, and diagnosed with Autism when he was 3.5 years old.  Communication is not his forte although he is able to talk; but drawing is definitely his strength and passion. He started doodling when he was just 1.5 years old.  He loves numbers, colors, planets, photography, and especially enjoys researching architecture and scenery.  He incorporates his passion for color, detailed observation and imagination into his fantastic creations!


Apple tree:  Inspired by nature, this painting is full of colorful apples – even the rotten one enjoyed by a happy worm.  The added details on the bee hive and pollen-seeking bees is incredible!


Sun Moon Tower:  Inspired by Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, he painted a rainbow color tower with
the background divided into day and night.  So the little boy can play ball during the day and go home at night, Kevin said!




黑白鱼 : 是他画的自己跟爸爸。洋洋喜欢美食,比较胖,于是把自己画成一条贪吃的大嘴鱼,心中对爸爸充满爱。


美丽的姑娘 : 中洋用了很多绚丽的色彩,因为他向往美好,自由的生活


Jiayang Lee is a 21 year old young man with a diagnosis of high functioning Autism. He loves painting, traveling, skiing, biking, and music! 


Black and White Fish:  It’s an artist representation of himself and his father.  Since Jiayang enjoys gourmet food, he painted himself as a big black and white round fish, but decorated the fish with his love for his parents.


Beautiful Lady:  Representing his desire for a colorful, beautiful free life! 

Jeffery Tao



Jeffery Tao is a 21 years old disciplined young man with a diagnosis of high function Autism. He is a pianist, artist and internet expert.  And he enjoys swimming, traveling and gourmet food!  As the youngest member of his family, he is also his mother’s best helper on laundry and cooking.

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